June 9, 2008

Blogging Funk...

OK, so I'm officially not allowed to keep NOT updating my blog. I've been in a blogging funk. I haven't wanted to post. Haven't had anything "big" enough to write about. I know, I know not everything I write about is "big" news. I hear ya. Anyway, I'm blaming this on the pregnancy. Yep. That sounds good. I haven't wanted to update the blog because I'm pregnant. 6 months pregnant (25 weeks). I'm big and huge. I feel so large. It is ridiculous. Mom, me and the boys went to Target today and I bought my first maternity swimsuit. The trip to Target was fun but buying a huge swimsuit was just ok. I'm ready to be un-pregnant. I've never big hugemongous in the summer before b/c Wilson and Luke were born in January. So, this is all new! I'm sorry to complain. I just don't have much energy and this is summer. Fun in the sun! Going to the pool and packing a picnic lunch! Playing in the sprinkler with the boys! And I'm just always so tired and unenergized. Aarrrgghh.
** I did go a little over 2 weeks with NO throwing up! Woo-hoo! 1 yucky morning and now on another stretch free of puking.
**At Target I bought the boys the cutest shower curtain, toothbrush holder, shower curtain rings, and hand towels for their new bathroom- whenever that happens. I had seen it a week ago and really liked it so I decided to go ahead and buy it before it disappears from their shelves. You can see it here. I still want to get some brightly colored towels in matching primary colors and the bath mat. Maybe the dump truck trash can too. I'd like to paint the bathroom blue or green to match. I'll consult with my interior designer and let you know what color I settle on!
**VBS starts tonight. Wilson will be in the preschool VBS and I'll be helping with preschool VBS (snacks and small group). Luke isn't old enough until next year so he'll hang out in the nursery with Ms. Gwen!

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