October 10, 2008

4 weeks old!

Little Ty is 4 weeks old today! It's hard to believe, the time has flown. He is such a sweet addition to our family and now we can't imagine life without him! We love him so much. Wilson and Luke really like to hold him and lay down with him. They try to share their toys with him but I keep telling them he'll be interested in toys soon enough! Ty is doing great sleeping in his crib, eating well, and still loves to snuggle! When he gets really mad sometimes a song will calm him down - Wilson is great at singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to him. He made the first of many trips to the school where I teach today. He was loved on and held by many! He'll come to know "mommy's school" well in the next couple years!


Anonymous said...

What a funny face!!

Erin said...

He is so cute. I can't wait to see him in person!