October 9, 2008


1- yellow lab who is my only female companion at home!
3- usually the number of times I wake up in the night with Ty
4- number of males I live with
5- Season of Friends I'm currently watching
6- the number of Christmas gifts I have ordered online (woo-hoo!)
7- # of times I get on the computer a day (just guessing, it's a lot!) to check FB, google reader, school email, or personal email
8- the number of times a day I feed little Ty
10- approximate number of diapers I change a day
12- # of loads of laundry I've done in the last 2 weeks
16- how many meals have been provided over the last 4 weeks!! (Wow, feelin' the love, thanks!)
25- the number of parent conferences I need to have next week
40- the number of fingers and toes I trimmed the other day
700+ - # of pages in the book I'm currently reading - Breaking Dawn

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