October 30, 2008

A few updates

* I had my 6 week checkup on Monday and I'm all healed and off all restrictions! While I was there Ty was the hit of the office. All the nurses came to see him and Dr. S held him. They couldn't believe how chubby he was! We weighed him and he was 14 lbs! Crazy- My Dr. said he could be the office mascot!!
* Ty drank milk out of a bottle yesterday with daddy! So good to know that the pumping/bottle thing will not be a problem for Ty. He loves to EAT!
* Ty has his first cold :( - he caught it from Wilson who also has a cold. His right eye keeps running. It's pitiful.
* Ty went to the dermatologist today. See separate post soon.
* A couple good recipes I've tried this week- acorn squash with a delicious maple syrup/brown sugar butter (from Pioneer Woman Cooks). Me and Luke liked it! And a pasta dish with fresh mozzarella that we all enjoyed (from Annie's Eats).
* The boys are carving Luke's pumpkin right now.
* Can't roast the pumpkin seeds because our oven is broken. It does this weird thing occasionally where the heating element won't turn off unless the breaker is off. Making dinner yesterday was interesting- I kept turning the oven from off (where the heating element would just stay on, making the oven hotter and hotter) to broil, where the bottom heating element would go off but the top one was on.

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