October 29, 2008

Our Adventure

On Monday afternoon Andy and I packed up the car and the boys and took them on a surprise adventure! All we told them was that we were going on an adventure for 1 night- that we would explore, eat pizza, and have lots of fun! On the way there we gave Wilson some clues to see if he could guess where we were going (believe me, this was all spontaneous- we didn't plan out the clues part or anything!). He never guessed but it was still fun! We took the boys to Aldersgate Camp. They have Creekside Cottages now that are like a hotel room. So we rented a room for Monday night and had a great time. When we got there we hung out in the room for a while because it was raining. Then we went "exploring" (this is what you call a walk with 2 small boys!). We walked over to the lighted cross, the furnace, the barn, and up to the lodge. They loved it! The barn has horses, goats, llamas, a goose, and sheep. After our walk we drove into town and ate at Pizza Hut. On Tuesday we woke up and ate breakfast in the room. Then we went "exploring" again after a few minutes on the playground! Back to the furnace, barn, and lodge where we drank hot chocolate. The only thing missing was a fire! Then we hiked over to the big rock. The boys were having a GREAT time and Andy was taking tons of pictures with his new camera. The leaves were changing colors and it was beautiful in the mountains! It sure was cold - but we bundled everyone up! Ty was such an easy baby the whole time. For our walks Andy wore the bjorn and zipped his winter coat around it so Ty was snuggly warm. He had a winter hat on his head and slept through the walks. We went back to our room for lunch and the boys played. We left camp around 3:30. It was a great 24 hour adventure for not much $! Aldersgate is such a special place!


Anonymous said...

Will really is starting to look like a McSpadden! I used to think he looked just like you but he is the mirror image of Andy! Glad you had a good time!!

Sarah said...

I am so jealous I can barely speak! :) This is a really great idea-we will have to try to do it sometime.