October 8, 2008

Nights around here

Let me start off on a positive note! Tyler is sleeping in his crib and has for the last 3 nights! He apparently didn't like the bassinet. So I tried the crib and he slept soundly in there for his short stretches of time. Before he wasn't sleeping well in the bassinet and would only sleep well on our belly or in between me and Andy. That wasn't working out so well for my sleep! I heard about this blanket, a Swaddle Me blanket. Another mom recommended it to me. I saw one at Meijer and bought it. So now I swaddle Ty up tight and he is sleeping for about 3 hours at a time at night. So now for the not so positive part! Want to know what last night was like?


8:20- Boys in bed (Wilson and Luke)
8:30- they are playing and talking, lose treats for today because they are fooling around
8:45- Still playing, Andy goes back in with a warning
9:00- Throwing stuffed animals at each other. I get out the spanking stick and tell them they better lay down and be quiet. I stayed in there sitting on Luke's bed holding the stick. Wilson finally fell asleep. Things were quiet.
(Ty was sleeping in his swing during all this!)
9:00- watch the debate while reading Breaking Dawn and feeding Ty.
10:30- Get ready for bed.
11:00- Go to sleep (must put down book!!)
1:15- wake up to Wilson crying about his ear. Go in there. Both of them are awake. Laid down with Wilson for a few minutes, laid down with Luke. Went in and told Andy he could deal with them since I get up to feed Ty every 3 hours...
1:40- Ty wakes up to eat
At some point Wilson came into our bed and I let him stay so I could get some sleep.
4:40- Ty wakes up to eat. Try to get back in my bed after feeding him and Wilson is hogging my side! Go sleep in Wilson's bed.
7:40- Ty wakes up to eat and Luke realizes I'm in his room and everyone wakes up. Ty and I fell back asleep until 8:30 after he ate.

Thank goodness for maternity leave. I couldn't function if I was having to wakeup at 5:15 right now. I've got 4 1/2 weeks to convince Ty that 1 feeding at night is enough (or hey, if he wants to sleep through the night, that's even better!!).

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Sarah said...

I just wanted to say that SwaddleMe blankets are the BEST!! We might swaddle Caleb until he's in elementary school, haha...I'm convinced that's what keeps him asleep for as long as he does...although now he's getting strong enough to punch/kick out of it!