October 15, 2008

Top 10 Reasons Why I LOVE Maternity Leave

10 - Dinner prep can start early! (I've already prepped 1/2 of tonight's dinner).
9 - More time to read books for pleasure.
8 - I can meet friends for lunch!
7 - I can take naps.
6 - LESS Stress.
5 - LESS Stress. (Yes I put that twice in a row. My job is stressful.)
4 - I don't have to wake up and start getting ready at 5:15am.
3 - NO pumping breastmilk. (Standing in the bathroom pumping isn't fun!)
2 - I get to be home with all my boys a lot more! I get to pick Wilson up from preschool and be home when Andy and Luke get home from work/school.
1 - I can hold baby Ty all day long!

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