February 28, 2009

Busy Day Ahead

Today is going to be busy. I just finished making pancakes for the boys with fresh blueberries in them. Not a good idea! Neither of them likes the blueberries in there...lesson learned! I wasted my delicious blueberries and they wouldn't eat their pancakes! As you know we're trying to get our house on the market. Our goal is March 14. Two more weeks! We have many things left to accomplish. Andy is working on things like crazy. He is so talented. I am really amazed that he can do everything that needs fixing on the house. And all of the work he does looks professional too! This week he has done so much - sanding doors so they don't rub on the jamb, priming doors, rehanging doors, tilling the slope in the backyard (used to be tiered but all the railroad ties were sliding out - it wasn't done right... so Andy took them out and sloped that part of the yard), replacing windows in the garage, painting, greasing the doors so none squeak. The list goes on and on! He is doing an amazing job! Thanks babe!!
Last night we packed up extra stuff in the boys room and closet. I'm going to like living in our small home without all the "extra" stuff...decluttering feels great!

Here is our plan for today:
* Andy takes a load to the dump (the railroad ties) while I keep packing boxes of our extra stuff (trying to declutter)
* Load trailer with boxes of extra stuff, bookcase, shelf in bedroom, cedar chest in Ty's room, and other misc things
*rearrange furniture in Living Room (move Lego table from behind couch back into boys room)
* Make roasted vegetables for 25 people at church for tonight (grocery, chop veggies, roast)
* Ty's picture appointment at 2:10
*Mom is taking the boys to a school carnival from 11-1ish
*Game night at Maria's - Yea!

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Patti Money said...

I got tired just reading your blog post. Whew, that's a lot to get accomplished!