February 14, 2009

Our Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! I've been wanting to make sugar cookies with royal icing. So last weekend I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a few things I needed. I made the Pioneer Woman's sugar cookies and made pink royal icing following the instructions on this blog. The boys helped me make the cookies and cut out hearts. Andy helped me make the icing. Then we all worked to ice the cookies! I thought we did great for our first time using royal icing! Wilson was great at spreading the icing out on the cookies with a toothpick after "flooding" the icing in the middle. Luke did a great job putting sprinkles on the cookies. It was fun and definitely something I want to try again!
Tonight Andy and I are going to put the boys to bed and order take-out from Puccini's. We have a buy 1 dinner get 1 free there! I'm going to make homemade Chocolate Molten Cakes with whipped cream. We're also renting a movie. We don't watch many movies so I'm excited! We're off to deliver cookies to my grandparents and parents!


Shawna, Scott, Lainie & Scotty said...

OK, I just checked out the lady's blog for the icing recipe.....and it has left me with an anxious knot in my stomach. I want my home / living room / nightly cooking to be that wonderful and beautiful. Bummer!! I could only get to 1/4th of that clean / sparkly / pulled together!!!! However, the icing recipe is what I have been looking for!! Thank you!! S- Happy V day with the hubby and fam!

Alyssa said...

That's the blog I was referring to in my post the other day (Wishing for a Clean House...). She spends a lot of time cleaning! it left me feeling the same way!