February 3, 2009

Graceful is not my middle name!

So last night we ate dinner at my Maw-maw and Paw-paw's since our power had just come back on. We didn't have any food left since we'd not been to the grocery and all. So, I was leaving with Tyler to go to a meeting for an upcoming Consignmnet Sale. I had the carseat hiked up on my elbow b/c that is the only way I can lug it around! I was walking out to the van and next thing I knew I was on the ground. Poor Tyler, the carseat obviously dropped. Thankfully he was safe and just scared- he was buckled in and everything so he wasn't hurt. My butt and right knee are very sore. I couldn't move for a couple minutes. So I sat on the ice and my pants were getting wet. A neighbor happened to be outside and heard the commotion so he ran over to help me. I asked him to knock on Maw's door to get me some help. He came back and helped me up. Then Andy and Paw came out to make sure Ty and I were ok. It hurt so bad. You know, falling when you're an adult is awful. It hurts so bad! As I was driving to the meeting my left arm hurt, my butt was really sore, and my knee was aching. Oh and the seat of my pants was wet. I held in my tears and went. When I got home I took two advil and a hot bath. This morning I was very aware of my sore bottom and right knee. They've bothered me all day. Hopefully it's just bruises and nothing else. OUCH!!

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