February 16, 2009

A productive day off!

After breakfast we got ready and took the Jeep in for some preventive maintenance. On the way home we stopped at Lowe's to pick up a few things. When we got home I washed the garage door. Then took a shower and got ready. We went to McD's to meet all the cousins for lunch and playtime since Erin, Rori and the boys were in town. We took up a rather large section with 9 kiddos! It was fun. When we came back home I primed the garage door while Andy worked on the window of the garage. The windows on our house are all the newer, nice, vinyl windows but the two windows on the garage that face the front yard are wood. The paint was all cracked and some of the wood was rotting. So Andy is redoing the woodwork around the window. He found some really cool window sills at Lowe's that are made of PVC. So instead of getting wood and priming and painting it, it's already vinyl and white! Wahoo! After the garage door dried I painted the first coat on that matches our siding. It looks great! Just need to do 1 more coat. We're going to be working on our house inside and out because we're planning to put it on the market this spring. We have several projects we need to do to put it up for sale. I'll be in charge of paint touch ups and repainting some of the trim that has really taken a beating. Andy's got a lot of projects he plans to do. Then there will need to be thorough cleanings...So! Lots to do!

We went to pick up the Jeep then came home and had leftover mexican lasagna with some roasted veggies. Tonight I need to make the grocery list and get ready for work tomorrow.

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