February 8, 2009

Valentine Treats

Today I made some treats for the boys teachers, a friend who recently had a baby, and to give as valentine's for the upcoming holiday! They helped a little until my rockin' mom came and picked them up to go to the park. (Thanks, mom!!) After making and baking a simple peanut butter cookie dough you poke a mini resee cup in the soft dough and top with mini marshmallow's. Thats what I knew the boys would enjoy doing! I saw these on my favorite food blog and knew I wanted to make them! I thought Andy and the boys would like them and that they'd make cute treats for Valentine's Day. Here is the recipe. The only change I had is that this recipe yielded 36 cookies instead of 24 for me. Also, you could easily halve the ganache recipe. I have a ton leftover. I saved it for Andy to put on icecream or milkshakes! Sorry my pictures are so bad! Follow the link to see better pics. Below is what the boys are taking their teachers!


Abby said...

You are such a good mom!

Shawna, Scott, Lainie & Scotty said...

The new baby friend was ME wasn't it?!?! YEAH!!! These were delish!!!!! Miss you miss you!!!!! Thanks again! S-