April 2, 2009

Spring Break

We're having a great Spring Break, it's just passing too quickly! We spent Monday-Wednesday at The Glades in Tn. It was fun! We got home last night. We did a lot of relaxing, swimming in the huge jacuzzi tub, playing at the playgrounds, and hiking on the walking trails. It was nice. Today I took Ty to the doctor - he has an ear infection. He's had a bad cold and cough that wasn't getting better. Then I met my sister and her kids and my mom and the boys at Bounce U. It was fun! I was late from the dr appt but they had been having a blast. Almost two hours of jumping and bouncing will wear little guys out! They are eating peanut butter bananas right now. When I told Luke they were going to Bounce U he asked "who will bounce me?" I kept trying to explain that that is just the name of the place, Bounce U, not bounce you...too funny! I can't believe it's already Thursday, I had so much stuff I wanted to do this week! I'll get to what I can!

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