April 13, 2009

7 months

I can't believe Tyler is already 7 months old! He is really enjoying his stage 1 baby foods- he has enjoyed everything he has tried. Squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, pears, applesauce, prunes (we had to!), we have a couple more fruits to try and then we'll move on to green veggies. He loves

to eat! This picture is from last week. I fed him his cereal mixed with fruit. He had been super constipated (grunting and everything) so Andy had run out to buy some prunes. In the meantime he fell asleep in the highchair waiting for them. Too cute! Ty had a great Easter. In his basket he got biter biscuits and a sippy cup for water with a really soft spout. We haven't tried either yet. He is starting to sit up on his own. Still topples over but getting better at it! We go back to CCH in about 3 weeks for another gluacoma test. Ty is doing great!

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Anonymous said...

Too cute! I think he is Luke's mini-me!!