April 3, 2009

Pics and Links! (Didn't have a title for this post).

Meijer has started carrying these cinnamon chips! I'm thrilled because I've been wanting to make cinnamon chip scones for a while using the recipe on King Arthur Flour's website here. I just hadn't wanted to pay to order KAF's cinnamon chips online. I knew Hershey's made this chip but no one locally carried them until now! Anyway, I haven't made them yet but plan to soon.
Yesterday I went to BRU and bought this stroller. My friend, Heather, had a Chicco stroller. I checked it out and asked her how she liked it. I've been wanting a smaller stroller for a while and this one was nice and affordable. It weighs 11lbs and folds up so easily. It has a 5 point harness and 2 seat positions so Ty can lay back when he's sleepy. It's handles are great for my height! I officially got rid of our infant seat, base, and stroller travel system! Yea! It is just so big and bulky. Andy is putting it in the upcoming youth yard sale.

I'm getting ready to make some dessert to take over to a friend's house for dinner. We're heading over to play Friends Trivia and let the kids play. I saw this as an opportunity to try a new recipe so it took me a while to decide what to make! Here is what I've chosen: and a link to the recipe. These are butterscotch brownies with a butterscotch ganache and then a chocolate ganache drizzled on top! Hope they are tasty! This picture and recipe are from Bakerella's website. I really want to try making cake pops sometime in the near future. Maybe over the summer... off to bake some brownies.


kara Forston said...

the kroger in regency has those cinnamon chips, too! we love to have cinnamon chip muffins for breakfast...yum! :)

Abby said...

You are amazing! I love reading about all the recipes you are trying- it inspires me! I don't cook much for myself but I am going to in 2 months from today!! I have even been watching Food Network and type the recipes as they are cooking them.