April 20, 2009

Master Bedroom

Yea! We went to BBB tonight since t-ball was cancelled...again and bought some things for our new house. I went last week and looked at comforters and shower curtains. Tonight we bought a bedding set, shower curtain, toothbrush holder, shower rings, trashcan, and bath mat for the master bed/bathroom. I'm so excited! Thank goodness for BBB coupons! There were many other things I wanted to buy to decorate the new house but we'll have to do a little at a time! The walls are khaki and we're leaving it whatever shade of khaki it is for now. The other thing we're hoping to buy is a new couch for the living room. We haven't started looking for that yet. That will wait until after we've moved. 11 more days...

Last night Luke had a bad dream. This morning I asked him what he dreamed about and he said bugs. So cute! I told him to remember that he is much bigger than bugs so he didn't need to worry about them. Then tonight at bedtime he wanted the bug book moved over to Wilson's bookshelf. The bug book they read last night caused the bad dream. He is such a sweetheart. He's not feeling well today- sore throat and fever this afternoon.

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Cara said...

Love your new stuff! Sorry Luke is feeling bad. : (