April 26, 2009

We're stressed around here...

So we move in 5 days. Here was a conversation between Andy and I after he got home from work tonight.

Andy: So what did you do tonight?
Me: unloaded/loaded dishwasher
washed dishes
gave Ty a bath
made hamburgers and homemade fries for dinner
Wilson's t-ball game
Got boys ready for bed
Andy: Is that all? (referring to the lack of packing)
Me: Yes, that's ALL.

We're stressed. So much to do for the move while life keeps marching on...still all of the everyday stuff and I'm finding it really hard to make time for packing. Thankfully Tuesday night the big boys are going over to Heather and Jimmy's so we can do some packing without them around to get in the way! Hopefully we'll still be talking to each other then. Just kidding!


Cara said...

Let me know if I can help!

Julie said...

Alyssa, we're in the same boat here. We're closing next Friday, moving Tuesday. It's really hard being 7 mos pregnant and having the energy to get it all done. Good luck!

Erin said...

Sorry that we can't help you at all! Good luck!