April 9, 2009

Too much to handle

I'm stressed. Too much going on. Too many things to juggle. I just have to get it all out. Here are my stressors this week:
Tball (why does Wilson fight it still? He WANTED to play again)
poetry cafe tomorrow - it is a BIG deal! (making muffins right now)
core content monitoring form (done at last minute before it was due this afternoon!)
report cards (done and sent home today)
Easter plans (excited for them but a lot going on this weekend!)
Figure out dessert to make for Easter (excited to try a new recipe!)
Whining children - why oh why? when will it stop?
Easter egg hunt and Tball game overlap on Saturday- hmm...
Luke's dead tooth
PWS- my worries about this come in waves (what to do about May appointment at CCH since I don't have any days off work)
Andy's strep and my trying not to get sick because I have no sick days (Jason, I've been positve thinking today- I will not get sick!)
MOVING - which I will work at school while they move us, need to nail down who's keeping the boys that day
Trying to iron out all the details from inspections etc
finding spring clothes to wear that fit
PACKING (find boxes, boxes, and more boxes)


Jason Groth said...

I have some boxes and should be getting some more soon. Keep thinking positive!

Anonymous said...

Your post stressed ME out!! It. Will. All. Be. OK!!! My mom has some boxes at her house and gets more @ school so I will get them to you sometime next week. Don't worry about the strep -- if you haven't gotten it yet, you probably won't. And if you get in a pinch on finding someone to keep the boys, let me know and I will watch them (I'll call in sick or something . . . no big deal)!!

And take a deep breath for goodness sakes!! We'll go get a massage or something after all this madness is over for you!! Love you!!