September 22, 2009

Busy Days

5:15am- Alarm. Snooze.
5:30 (sometimes 5:45)- Get up, shower, start getting ready.
6:10- Breakfast, coffee, finish getting ready
6:50- Walk out the door with Wilson in tow to drive to school. Thankfully Andy gets up and gets Wilson dressed and gives him breakfast.
7:05- Rush into school
4:15- Leave school with Wilson to go home
4:30- get home and see my boys- hang out
5:15ish- make dinner, eat dinner, clean-up kitchen, few more minutes of play time for the boys
7:15- Wilson's shower
7:30- pj's for boys, bedtime routine, feed Tyler,
8:00- Make lunch, coffee, get ready for next day,
8:15- work around house, read small group book, go for a run, get on computer, hang out with Andy
9:15-get ready for bed, read, go to sleep around 10pm

Is it summer yet?

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