September 22, 2009

Consignment Sale

175 items.
A couple weeks ago I made a mountain of clothes size newborn- 12 months that we were finished using since Ty has outgrown 12 month clothes. Anything that was winter/fall went into the sale pile. Bottles, baby toys, the swing, socks, shoes, etc. Then, starting this past Saturday for each of these 175 items I have snapped all the snaps, buttoned all the buttons, put them on hangers facing just so. Pinned a tag on the upper right hand corner. Entered all the information into the computer so that the tags could be generated. Priced everything. Put non-clothing items in ziploc baggies. Labeled the baggies. Sorted by size. Somehow I started on Saturday and attached the last tags today at 5:20pm. Andy was working the set-up shift at 5:30 and taking all of our items in with him. I did it! I met the deadline. Thank you Andy for helping me last night! Thank you to my mom for getting all of the hangers! I couldn't have finished without your help. Hopefully many of our items will sell and this won't all be for nothing! :)

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