September 12, 2009

Tyler is one!

He woke up one happy boy and opened his new tugboat bathtub toy from us.

Started the day with daddy's pancakes!

Opening presents with help from his cousins.

Tyler's cake.

Realizing that this is pretty tasty!

Happy Birthday Tyler!
We had a great day celebrating our big boy! I can't believe he is one! The weather was beautiful today - we were able to celebrate with both sides of the family. We had Ty's party at lunch time in our backyard. We had pizza (one of Ty's many favorites!), dorito salad, carrots, and birthday cake. Tyler ate a huge piece of sausage pizza and a lot of his cake. I have made each of the boys their own star shaped 1st birthday cake with cool whip icing. Ty wasn't so sure about the feel of the cool whip but once he found the cake underneath he got serious! In the end he was one chocolately little boy with a blue nose. So sweet! He got a few new toys, some sippy cups, and lots of new clothes. He also got a swing for the tree house/play set that Andy is building. It has been a wonderful day celebrating our Ty. We love you T-Dub!!

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Debbie said...

Happy 1st birthday Ty! You are too cute and seem like such a happy boy. I know you have a fine big brother, well I mean Wilson, although you have two! Alyssa (and Andy), you sure know how to make a day special from beginning to end!