September 6, 2009

A Good Saturday!

Saturday was a great day! I hung out at home all day - ran, did some cleaning, hung out with the boys and made brownies. Then last night Andy and I had a date night. We used a gift certificate I'd gotten at the end of school and mom/dad watched the boys. So we had a free date night which is always nice! It was so wonderful to just spend time with Andy over a nice dinner. Then we went to Tar*get to get Ty's birthday presents. It was so nice to have him all to myself! I've been so tired this weekend I've gone to bed a little after 10 both nights. Hopefully the extra sleep will help. I slept in till 9am today! Yesterday Andy and the boys started work on a treehouse in the back yard. It will have a post of it's own! Stay tuned! Today we went to church and now I'm going to finish cleaning the upstairs while Ty naps. Making a new crockpot dinner for tonight and will post it if it's good! I got it off of Cara's blog. So thrilled about this 3 day weekend! I have brought quite a bit of school work home so I need to make time for that today. I'm planning to rent Twilight and watch it again since I finished reading the book for the 2nd time this past week. It was even better the second time around!

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