September 30, 2009

Guilty Pleasure...and other things.

I'm reading the Twilight series through for the 2nd time. I started book 3 this weekend. Every night when I crawl into bed after a long, hard day filled with children - I just smile and pull my book off my night stand and have a few minutes of happiness reading before I can't stay awake any general...10-15 minutes!! I don't know why but I really love those books and I'm not one who normally re-reads many books. I'm enjoying it even more the second time around.

How do you get a kid to stop licking their lips? Wilson does it all the time. No matter what time of year. Now that it is getting cooler, he's going to look like he's wearing lip gloss. We give him chapstick, I smear him with vaseline, and when I'm able to find the aquaphor I use that too. But the constant lip licking is what I need to remedy...

I may have posted this before. I want DVR. Television is the thing I've given up after having child #3 (well given it up after maternity leave ended!). If we had DVR I could have that set for the two shows I like to watch and then watch them whenever I have the opportunity. It's just not working for me to have to watch them when they are on. Plus I'm way behind from missing about the last 1/3 of last season. Andy's looking into cable because we're THOSE kind of people that still live in the dinosaur age without cable. It's just that we've not had it for the almost 9 years (NINE YEARS!!!) we've been married - so to add that to our budget, that's a big chunk o' money every much is it after the promotions end?? Is it worth the $ when you don't watch a lot of TV?


Cara said...

We don't watch that much TV, but I love DVR. I'm able to watch the few shows I really like when I have time. I don't feel like I have to rush the kids to bed because I might miss a few minutes of whatever show. It also saves you time because you can fast forward all the commercials.

Lip licking - nervous habit. Gum? I know he can't chew it at school though. Did you call Joan?

Anonymous said...

I love, love, LOVE DVR!! Once you get it, you will never go back!! We have cable with DVR, phone, and internet all through Insight and it is $150/month because it is a bundled package.

Lip licking does sound like a nervous habit to me, too.

Love Twilight! I can't wait for the next movie to come out and I am also thinking about re-reading all the books after I am done with what I am on now.