September 1, 2009

Should I be concerned?

I feel a little weird writing this post but I honestly don't know what to do about this situation...I'm hoping some of you will have some advice or experience or even just an opinion to share! I am worried about Wilson. I think I may need to call his pediatrician. He is such a worrier. To the point that I think he has anxiety - just like his mom. It is so hard for me to admit this because I believe that if he has anxiety it is my fault. I have been taking medication for my anxiety for 6 years. Here are some of the examples of why I think there may be a problem:
* EVERY day he asks me if there is going to be a fire drill at school
* tonight he was crying and worried about poison - why? because Andy saw a black widow spider at church TWO years ago. How did this pop into his head tonight?
* A couple weeks ago at school he was in the bathroom. School was already out. He was crying in the bathroom because he thought the toilet was going to overflow. The toilet wasn't full. He'd never seen a school toilet overflow. He hadn't even flushed the toilet yet...he was just sitting there crying because he was afraid it MIGHT overflow. He has only seen 1 toilet overflow is all of his 5 1/2 years
* He does not do well with change or new things
* He is struggling to walk to his class which is 3 doors down from my classroom. He has done it for 2 days- yesterday there were tears! But he did it (and earned animal crackers out of the vending machine after school)!
* He does not like share time and does not like it when attention from a group is on him. Sometimes he hangs back in group situations or listens without participating
*He has had a big fit the last two times my mom has watched (or tried to watch in the second instance) him. Sobbing, fits. He loves his grandparents...this isn't normal behavior from him.
* He has been worried about the field trip with his Wednesday night church group to the nursing home for TWO weeks. Asking about it off and on. Do I make him go? It's tomorrow...

On top of all of this he has always picked at his fingers when he is nervous to the point that sometimes they start bleeding (just a little!) and need bandaids, he is now chewing on the necks of his shirts, and he licks his lips/mouth so much they are dry and cracking. I think these are a result of his worry/anxiety. For a while I was thinking maybe sensory issues but with all of the worry in the bullets above I'm starting to think the anxiety/worry is what is causing him to act the way he is acting...

I need your thoughts. You know this is causing me anxiety!!


Cara said...

You MUST read "The Out of Sync Child"!!!!! He has so many signs of SPD.

I also would take him in. I would be careful who you see for the appt though. You don't want to automatically start medication, but want someone who sees it is a problem.

You might want to talk to Joan, our therapist. She see lots of kids.

M also has anxiety about really weird things - elevators, being closed in (her car seat if I leave the car), any door being closed etc.

Kelly said...

I would definitely talk to the pediatrician about these issues. It is definitely something that you want to get a handle on now. He needs to learn how to manage his anxiety in a way that doesn't cause him stress or to start developing some sensory issues. I have some good articles on anxiety in children from students that I have had. If I can locate them, I'll send them your way. Good luck!

Debbie said...

Whew, there is just so much pressure on our little children these days. I know you and Andy have just raised him to be safe and cautious, but for him he must take things so seriously. I am very thankful he has a kind, gentle laid back teacher. She stays pretty even tempered and I feel Ariana would understand and love & support him as much as that would help. As far as help from a doctor, I agree with the girls above...just as long as he doesn't get too "stressed out" over talking to someone. If hugs and love from Beth & I will help...count us in. I will try to call on him when I know he knows the answer or when he can help be a leader in small ways, to build his confidence. When he knows he can do it, whatever it may be, he will be happier to do most anything. Sorry so long, and most likely rambling. He is just a precious child. Let's pray he'll grow out of many of these misgivings.

Laura said...

There is a child in my class that had/has severe anxiety issues in social situations. This is her first time at CM, and she seems to be doing much better compared to her behavior last year. Her mom told me she is seeing a psychologist, and it has helped her a ton. Maybe the pediatrician can give you a referral?