November 12, 2009

The First Appointment

Today Wilson had his first appointment with the play therapist. I told him about it as we were literally running out of school to the car. I didn't want him to stress about it beforehand. He handled it well and I explained why we were going, that she was going to be his friend, someone with whom he could talk about his worries. When we got there he was nervous but I was right there with him. We sat down while he met J and then she gave him a tour of her office and playroom. He was excited about the playroom. Then she asked him if I could wait down stairs on the couch while they played and talked. He was hesitant but agreed to it and did so well! I could hear faintly some of the things they talked about. He was open and willing to talk! I was so proud of him.
- They made a bag of his worries. I was really straining to hear these- good thing b/c I learned about some new ones he hadn't shared. My heart was breaking listening to these. I'm glad I strained to hear because when we left and were talking, he didn't repeat them to me.
- They are referring to his worry as a dragon- his fear feeds the dragon and she is teaching him that he shouldn't feed the dragon.
- He got to play in some sand while they talked.
- They practiced a breathing exercise he is supposed to do when he feels the worry coming over him (breathe in 5, hold 5, breathe out 5).
- He said he comes to him mommy for help when he is worrying. And he does. Though some of his worries I had no idea about. I hate that he carries this around inside of him. She said it was really good that he has a coping strategy already of coming to me for help. I am SO thankful for J and how willing Wilson was about talking to her. This could be a great thing!


Laura said...

Poor guy -
it sounds like this will be really great for

Cara said...

SO glad it went well! It is wonderful you are getting him help early on. It will help him for a lifetime. J is easy to like.