November 29, 2009


This has been such a wonderful Thanksgiving! We stayed home for the first time in 10 or more years. It was nice to have the boys in their own rooms for sleeping. It is hard to have 5 people in one bedroom! We spend Thanksgiving with Andy's family and even though we were home we were still together which was nice! Wednesday night all 20 people came here. I made a big pot of chili, pumpkin dessert, and pomegranate punch (recipe to come). Everyone else contributed paper products, hot dogs for the kids, fruit/veggies, and drinks. It was a nice evening. The cousins had a blast of course (9 kids). On Thursday we got together for our Thanksgiving lunch at our church. It just made it easier to have more room for so many people. We brought our food already cooked to the church and hung out downstairs while the turkeys heated up. The cousins had drawn names so they got to open their gift from each other while Ethan, Finley, and Rori were in town. Thursday night was girls night and we all went to see New Moon. I loved it. Great movie. Team Edward for me...though I like Jacob better after seeing the movie. He is good for Bella! On Friday we met up for lunch at Cheddar's and then Friday night was boys night. They hung out at a friend's house and watched the WV game. The girls and kiddos got together at my house for pizza and makeovers. The kids were playing and all the girls did Mary Kay makeovers. It was fun! Now the Florida family is gone...time to get back to the usual routine. It was a GREAT Thanksgiving holiday! Today we are decorating for Christmas after church!

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