November 16, 2009

Luke's Fall

Yesterday after church we were standing outside. Andy and I were talking and the kids were running around with their cousins. There were a lot of people hanging around talking. We were getting ready to go and had called the boys to come. Wilson runs by, then Luke. Next thing I know I watch Luke trip and fall. He fell face first into the concrete. He did not catch his fall at all other than with his forehead. The sound of the head hitting the concrete was horrible - I could feel the thud. I dropped what I was holding and grabbed him up. There was already a huge knot on his head, turning blueish/purple. I froze. Andy grabbed him from me to get ice on his head and I just stood there holding Ty. I guess Andy handed me Ty when he took Luke from me...I have no idea. Thankfully, my friend Heather asked me if she could take Ty so I could go check on Luke and I snapped to it and ran in to check on him. I think I was panicking and in shock that it looked so horrible immediately. I ran in and Andy had ice on it and he was sobbing. We sat down and Nellie, a woman at our church who is also a nurse checked him out. I was crying at this point because my baby boy was hurting and it looked so awful. I just hurt for him. I hated that it happened. After ten minutes or so we walked outside. I called the after hours clinic for our Doctor's office and they talked to me about signs for concussion and what to do in 2 hours, 4 hours, and the next two nights. Then Luke had a big cup of icecream from McDon*ald's for lunch. He was pitiful. We couldn't give him any tylenol because we were watching for the pain to go away, dr's orders. We were supposed to keep a very close eye on him for 2 hours. Then last night and tonight we are to wake him every 4 hours to check that he can talk and walk. It was so scary. I am so thankful that he is ok.

Last week Wilson got tubes. Yesterday Luke had a bad fall. Tomorrow Tyler goes to CCH for an eye appointment. Today Andy told me he thinks we might have termites. We have an appointment on Wednesday. What else? I can't take any more!


Debbie said...

Well, I was so busy over the weekend I didn't check the blogs...just FB. I hadn't read about Wilson's visit or Luke's fall. Boy....what to say that you don't already know. Just hang in there and the knot will go away and Wilson is getting crucial advice. Prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there . . . everything will be ok. Sending good thoughts your way!