November 19, 2009

Updates from the last post!

Luke's head is healing. The bump is gone but the bruise looks awful. I'm trying not to be paranoid of him falling again but it's hard!

Tyler's appointment at CCH went very well. No ophthalmology concerns! ie: no glaucoma! Next appointment is in about a month for neurology.

Wilson is struggling again with walking to his class. He is licking his lips until his skin is raw. How many times a day can andy or I tell him to put chapstick on? Tonight I'm getting aquaphor to try b/c the vaseline at night isn't cutting it.

Termite inspection didn't happen on Wednesday, it is now scheduled for tomorrow morning.

I've got to go Shred!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah for Shredding and yeah for Aquaphor! That is the only stuff I use and it is awesome. Happy for Luke and Ty and praying for Will -- he'll get through it and he has wonderful parents to help him! Love to you all.