November 10, 2009

Wilson has tubes!

Yesterday Wilson did so well getting his tubes. I am so thankful that they are in - now he'll be able to hear better! He did such a good job at the Surgery Center. I think he wanted tubes badly enough (so that he could hear) that he didn't whine about it too much beforehand. The night before he realized getting tubes gave him an extra day off so he was okay with it!! The morning of he was hungry and upset about not being able to eat. Once we got there I could tell he was nervous but he held it together. I was so proud of him! We had explained how everything would work and the nurses there were very kind to him. When it was time for him to walk back without us he was definitely nervous and did not want us to leave him - but we had to. I hated not being able to stay with him until he was asleep but I made myself walk away and told him I loved him and he could do it! He held the male nurse's hand and walked with him. He didn't want to ride on the rolling bed! Then Andy and I turned the corner and sneakily watched him walk all the way down the hall like a big, brave boy! I was so proud of him because I know that it was hard for him to do. About 15-20 minutes later he was done and starting to wake up. He got a purple popsicle. Then we took him to Pan*era, his breakfast choice so he could get a pumpkin muffin. He ate the WHOLE thing! Usually he just gets a this was pretty special!!

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