March 12, 2010

Baby Chicks

At school we are studying Life Science right now. So in each 2nd grade room we have had eggs in an incubator. Yesterday they started hatching! I have 2 chicks in my classroom that have hatched and 2 more were starting to break through the egg shell this afternoon. It is so neat to watch! The kids have been beside themselves the last two days. Very exciting.

Andy brought Luke and Tyler in this afternoon to see the chicks. I knew Luke would want to see them. Wilson has been spending a lot of time in the back of my room watching them. Luke held a chick and Tyler was very interested in them. It was so cute to watch! Tyler put one finger out and patted a chick on the head. He kept wanting to look in the box and see the two chicks. Can't wait to see how many more hatch this weekend. So thankful to Gayla for going to check on our little babies this weekend!

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