March 26, 2010

Luke's Easter Party

No MOTY awards for me...Luke's preschool had picture day on Tuesday and an Easter party on Thursday. I laid out his clothes Monday night (jeans and a green sweater he loves) forgetting the next day was spring picture day. He was dressed nicely but in play clothes. Not spring picture day clothes (khakis with a button down shirt - maybe arms rolled up a couple times!). Oh well. We'll be getting our own family pics soon and I can get some individuals of Luke like I was planning on anyway.

But Thursday. That was a little worse. Thankfully Andy redeemed us and took care of everything. Let me just remind you that the past two weeks have been very busy for us. Ahem. So Andy went to drop Luke off at school on Thursday and as he pulled up he noticed tons of parents inside. That is not normal. He figured it must be the easter party day. He drove back home (like 2 minutes away) and found the newsletter that I had printed off, but not transferred the party date to our calendar. Saw that yes it was indeed party day and Luke needed 12 plastic eggs with candy and his easter basket. Thankfully, Luke's party didn't start until 11. So they had time to prepare. Ran to Walmart, got the eggs and candy. Came home and stuffed the eggs. They got his basket out and headed over to school in time for the party. Luke was fine with the whole thing. Andy had to change his plans for the morning but willingly did so. It all worked out...but it's haunting me! I don't want to forget important events for my kids, especially don't want to send them without what they are supposed to have. Thankful for a good daddy who took care of everything!
Egg hunt with his friend from school

I got the April newsletter email today and the dates are already on the calendar. I'll try my best to ensure this doesn't happen again. But I'm not perfect :)

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