March 15, 2010

My 18 month old

I am the worst at taking pictures. Seriously. So right now I don't have a picture but hopefully soon. This has to be quick! Tyler is now 18 months old- I can't believe how quickly the past year and a half has flown by. He is all of a sudden such a big boy. Tonight at dinner he refused to eat his spaghetti with me helping him. He wants all of his food on a plate/bowl in front of him in his highchair. He likes to feed himself, he's just not that good at it! He shook his head no when I reached over to try and help him. My little man is communicating so well! He has several words and now shakes his head yes and no. So cute! And he knows what he means too...don't make him mad! He loves crackers for a snack and absolutely loves his cereal bars. I think he'd eat 3 a day if we'd let him. He is running and climbing everything. When we sit on the couch to work on school work he comes and sits next to us with a book of his own. He wants to be just like his brothers! We're getting rid of so much baby stuff. Officially done with the baby phase. Andy keeps reminding me we made this decision together. I KNOW it is the right decision and I am thankful to not go through pregnancy again, but I love babies! Life goes so fast!

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Anonymous said...

And you had such cute ones in the baby phase! You can get them untied you know! Nah . . . maybe you can enjoy my baby phase someday with me and Curtis (sooner than later, I hope)!