March 26, 2010

Laundry Room

Taken from the doorway - I love the paint color we decided on! Bright and cheery!

Luke's crazy pose!

Andy's project from the summer continues! To see the past project posts see here, here and here! The past two weeks he has done the mudding on the drywall, tons of sanding, priming, painting, electrical, laid the laminate floor, put up the baseboard, and now he is installing shelving. He is amazing. I can't believe he knows how to do all of this. Plus he did all the plumbing this past summer to move the washer/dryer from the back of the garage to the laundry room he built! It used to be part of the garage but he put up a wall in the garage and cut out a door in the basement and poof! a laundry room was created. Can you tell I'm excited? We haven't been able to do laundry for the past 2 weeks at our house. He did 2 loads to get us through at his Uncle's apartment last weekend but that's all we've done in two weeks. My washer and dryer are both running right now! That is a good thing! Once all the shelving is installed I'll take a final picture and post that. His next project he plans to return to is the basement bathroom. That project was going on in tandem with the pipe replacement and laundry room etc.

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