March 7, 2010

A Great Weekend

This has been a wonderful weekend. I think the sunshine had a lot to do with it! Friday night we had Stephanie, the cousins, and Poppy over for dinner. The boys looked forward to playing with their cousins all week. We had a great dinner and a fun time hanging out. Saturday Andy and I had some time to ourselves (with Tyler) which was so very nice. We went through the car wash and ran a couple errands. My mom and dad took the big boys to the park with the other cousins and had them stay over for lunch and playtime. Thanks mom and dad! Later, we took all 3 boys for a haircut and Tyler did much better this time around. I'd say the sucker helped...which last time he wouldn't even taste! Tyler is growing up so quickly - he has decided he doesn't want to eat when we feed him. He wants to do everything independently. We let him feed himself most things but yogurt and applesauce can be so messy!
Saturday night I went out for dinner with friends which was so much fun. It was nice to hang out, chat, and laugh a lot!
Today we went to church and then I took a long nap. It was wonderful. Then I took the boys to the park after Andy went to work. My mom went with us which was nice. Tyler was again Mr. Independent which resulted in a bump on his forehead but we all had a blast! So thankful for a beautiful weekend full of sunshine, family, and friends.

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trinna said...

Sounds like a great weekend! We are going through the same thing with Hope - the independence thing. It's hard to believe they grow up so fast!