March 29, 2010

Ty's New Shoes!

On Saturday my friend took Wilson and Luke to the Children's Museum with her two boys. The were gone for the whole afternoon! They had the best time. So I took Ty to my favorite children's shoe store to get him some new shoes. He had outgrown his first pair and was using a hand me down pair from Luke. They weren't fitting over his wide foot too well. So long story short, there was one pair in the store that fit Ty's extra wide foot! He is now size 6, EW (extra wide!!). Cracks me up. The velcro shoes don't close over his foot so we had to go with lace up. He looks very cute in his new running shoes!

His 18 month stats: 79%ile for height, 67 %ile for weight, 97%ile for head circumference. He weighs 27 pounds!

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Curtis and Tricia said...

He is such a big boy! Can't believe how tall he is!!