March 14, 2010

Big Week Ahead

Wow- this is going to be a crazy week.

Consignment Sale- All items have to be entered in the computer by midnight tonight. I think I have that part done. Now I'm ironing and hanging clothes. I ran out of hangers so as soon as I get more I can continue. Tomorrow I will print tags, cut tags, and pin them to all the clothes. Then they will be ready for Andy to take to his work shift Tuesday night. Monday may be a late night.

Poetry Cafe- On Wednesday each 2nd grade class is having our annual Poetry Cafe! It is one of my favorite things we do. The kids have been writing poetry for the last several weeks at school. Now we are publishing our poetry on cute paper and preparing to share a poem out at the cafe. I cover the tables with tablecloths in spring colors, put flowers on the tables, and have refreshments out. So, lots to do here. Finish publishing with the kids, practice reading their poem outloud for the BIG audience, make the program, and figure out the food...Tuesday will be a late night!!

Conferences- On Friday the kids are out of school so I'm using the day to get as many parent conferences completed as possible. At this point I think I have 13 signed up! Yea! Makes my life after-school a lot easier with kids of my own. I need to get report cards filled out and print test results to prepare for these conferences. That will be my plan on Wednesday/Thursday...

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Debbie said...

Sounds like a very full week...hope each thing turns out even better than you can hope for!