March 25, 2010

No Training Wheels! & other stuff!

On Tuesday it was beautiful outside! We are thoroughly enjoying the spring weather. We took a short family walk around the court and when we got back to the house Wilson had decided he was ready to take off his training wheels. He had already run into the garage to find the right size wrench. Once the training wheels were off Andy helped him start and he just rode his bike! We couldn't believe it - I thought it would be hard at first and take several attempts. But he just started riding! Andy ran in to get the camera and shot this video. He rode again on Wednesday and did great then too! Wilson definitely has coordination!

Today Wilson did wonderfully at the dentist! He generally has a tough time and worries a lot. But today Andy said he did so well. He is learning to deal with his anxiety better. He kind of froze up when they called him but after some reassuring he sat in the chair and was fine. That is so huge. Before it has been pretty bad. So thankful he is learning how to be in control of his emotions/thoughts! He got to join the cavity free club! Luke did well at the dentist and is also in the cavity free club! I'm thankful that Luke helps Wilson to be so brave. His easy going spirit really helps Wilson feel at ease. Luke is loving t-ball and just gets out there and participates. It is amazing to see how he can start something new without it bothering him! It is a welcome change.

This is a long post. That is what happens after two BUSY weeks! We did survive and got all of the major things done (consignment sale, poetry cafe, conference day, Andy out of town for part of last weekend, report cards, etc) . Andy has been diligently working on the laundry room. I can't wait to post the final pics when he is done! I will be so thrilled to have a completed laundry room. We had a positive comment from a lady while we were out to dinner. She came up to me and said "I just want to tell you what a nice family you have. Your children are so well behaved!". It meant a lot even coming from a stranger. I just looked at Andy after she left and smiled, saying it is nice to know we're doing something right with this whole parenting thing! Because so many days you don't feel that way...

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