February 6, 2008


So did you know we had a lot of storms last night? I sure didn't! I know it rained all day yesterday and there were tornado warnings (or watches, I can never keep those straight). But I put the boys to bed, worked on my national board video with Andy, watched Friends, and went to bed. Didn't become conscious again until by alarm went off at 6:30. I'm taking a National Board Day so I got to sleep in a little bit. (Hard to call that sleeping in, I know). And yes, I'm at the library working on a portfolio entry, just needed a short break. Andy might give me grief for posting during my NB work day! But it's going to be quick and short. So anyway, I just had to tell you that I slept hard and my dear sweet protector husband was staying awake, watching the weather, to make sure that everything was ok. He was ready to get me and the boys up if a tornado came through or anything. That just made me feel so good. Here, I was clueless to the world, in a dead sleep and he was up to make sure we were all okay. I love him! Thanks, baby. So anyway, I got up and started working on NB. Jenn called to tell me that our school had no electricity. So the kids that were coming in were in the cafeteria, some kids were going straight back home, and some who rode the bus ended up at the nearby high school! Crazy! Here I didn't even know it had stormed yet because I hadn't talked to Andy. I'm glad he let me be clueless last night because I was SO tired!

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