February 19, 2008

My Cutie Pie's

My boys are soo cute! The things they say and do are just adorable! I love ages 2 & 4! Here are some of the cute things going on around here.
* Luke has to hear Twinkle Twinkle before bedtime. I'll sing it two times in a row and he'll say over and over quietly "winkle, winkle" until I start singing it again. Then when I lay him down I have to hold his hand and sing it 1-2 more times. If I try to sing something else he quietly says "no, winkle".
* Luke also found out a few days ago that he loves the Itsy Bitsy Spider. So we read that book and sing the song (he's learning hand motions!) several times before we start the twinkle ritual.
* Luke gets scared easily. Wilson was walking around the house behind Luke saying Goonies and Luke was afraid! He says "cawee" for scary!
* Wilson wants to hear Prince Wilson stories made up by daddy before falling asleep.
* He can't pronounce his v's- they are all b's. (But daddy is trying to teach him).
* He is trying to learn the beginning sound of words. He'll say c-cat. That starts with b, right mommy?! I smile and say no, c-cat starts with c. He thinks everything starts with b. Even though he'll say the word right!

That's what is on my brain after this evening! Love 'em!

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