February 24, 2008

Season 2

Okay, so Season 2 is good! Again, it is hard to pick just one favorite episode. I've had it narrowed down between 2 for a while... The One Where Ross Finds Out and The One with the Prom Video. Season 2 also has the story line of Phoebe and Rachel getting tattoo's, which has always been a favorite. Rachel gets a heart on her hip and Phoebe gets a blue dot. Remember that one? Rachel tells Ross "Phoebe got the whole world," referring to her tattoo so that her heart tattoo won't seem like such a big deal!

In The One Where Ross Finds Out, Rachel is finally 'over' Ross because he has a new girlfriend, Julie. So Rachel just found out Ross and Julie are going to get a cat. Rachel goes on a date with some guy and talks about Ross the whole time. She drinks too much wine and borrows a cell phone. She leaves Ross a message saying she is over him. The next morning, she has forgotten what she did. Ross stops by to pick up some cat toys before he and Julie go get a cat and he checks his messages. He hears the one from Rachel and has to decide between Rachel and Julie. At the end of the episode he shows up at the coffee house and they end up kissing and it is so sweet. Monica is Chandler's personal trainer and works him to death. Those are the two funny story lines.

But the BEST episode from Season 2 is The One With The Prom Video. Joey buys Chandler a big gold "Mr. T" bracelet to show him how much he means to them. Chandler hates it and is so funny about it. Rachel tries to tell Ross it is over all because of the list he made about her and Julie's pros and cons from a different episode. Phoebe encourages Ross to keep waiting, that Rachel is his lobster, and lobsters mate for life. She does this funny hand motion of holding claws. Monica is without a job and had an awkward interview at a restaurant where she was making a salad. At the end, they are watching a video from Monica and Rachel's prom. When Rachel sees how Ross went to get ready to take her to her prom since her date was late he is totally embarrassed but it means so much to Rachel. She walks across the room, without saying anything and gives him a big kiss. Then, it has one of my all time favorite quotes from Phoebe "See, she's his lobster."

I've already started Season 3! I finished 2 last week :)

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Anonymous said...

The one with the prom video may be my all time favorite. I crack up every time I see Ross with the mustache (ok, I can't spell)! It is the best!