February 10, 2008

Season1 - Friends

Okay, remember this post? Well I've finished Season 1 (last week actually) and finally am ready to tell about my favortie episode. I really love all of them. I had a hard time choosing. You know how every Friends episode has 3 story lines, well I had to find one where I really liked all 3 plots! I thought about The One with the East German Laundry Detergent but I don't like Joey's story line with his ex. Then I thought about The One with the Blackout but I don't really like Paolo! So, drumroll please, my favorite episode from Season one is The One with all the Poker. I'll try to help you remember it since it was about 14 years ago. Wow, that is hard to believe!

The episode starts out with all 6 of them whistling a tune from the seven dwarfs as they stuff Rachel's resumes. She wants a job, anything but a waitress. They have an assembly line going. As they are almost done, Ross notices a typo "good compuper skills" and so they unstuff all the letters. Rachel's funny line is "oh, do you think it's on all of them?" Part of the episode is about Rachel waiting for her mail to see if she has any new job opportunities. She gets an interview at Saks Fifth Avenue as a buyer. She's so excited because she'd be shopping. In the end, the job doesn't work out.

The second story line is about Ross being hopelessly in love with Rachel. He tries to tell Chandler he's over her but as soon as she walks up to them in Central Perk he melts. The episode has a lot of tension between Ross and Rachel.

The third story line is about Poker. The guys get together for Poker nights without the girls. The girls convince them to let them join in. Monica makes snacks and the girls try to help each other in the game, all frustrating the guys. The guys say this is why they don't ask the girls to play. So Monica calls her aunt who is a great poker player to come over and show the girls how to play. She is tough and scares Rachel and Phoebe. She teaches them some stuff and the girls are ready for a rematch. But they still lose. The aunt does some more teaching and the girls surprise the guys at the 3rd poker match with how good they are. It comes down to being between Ross and Rachel. Rachel is egging Ross on and changing the rules of the game since she just lost the Saks job. In the end, Rachel wins. Ross acts like she beat him, but you are left thinking he said she won when really his cards were probably better.

There are so many other funny parts, but this is the gist! Now, go watch some Friends!

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Holly said...

What a great episode choice! You're right about the Blackout one, it's hilarious except for Paolo! I'm ready for your season 2 fav!