February 13, 2008

Snow Day #4

Are you noticing a pattern?! A lot of snow days!! These two days off in a row have allowed me to accomplish several things! The boys and I did get to play outside in the snow this afternoon. Andy and the boys took me to Panera for a Valentine's lunch since I was off today. It was yummy! I went into school (with my boys in tow) to set up for the "Goodies for Guatemala" bake sale for my friend, Jenn. Read about the first bake sale here. The boys had a great time at school building with Legos and running up and down the hallways. I did go to the new Walmart - the smaller one - for the first time. I had to get some ingredients for the special Valentine meal I'm making for dinner tomorrow night and to get something to bake for the bake sale. Tomorrow night I'm making Olive Garden Fettucine Alfredo, garlic bread and salad. For the bake sale I bought a cute box at Target that has pink polka dots on it and I'm filling it with the baked oyster crackers that have ranch seasoning on them. I thought that might go over well. Here are a couple pics from our time outside. It was cold!

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