February 24, 2008

Snow Day #5/Weekend Update

Well we got out of school early on Thursday due to ice and had a snow day on Friday. Not sure why, it seemed all the ice had already melted to me. Anyway, I enjoyed my day at home with the boys because I was leaving Friday night for a small group retreat. So, on Friday we just hung out around the house and went to eat lunch at CFA. After eating we let the boys play. Wilson was being very brave, climbing all the way up the playland and sliding down, so Luke wanted to go up too. He couldn't climb the tower to get up so Wilson would put his hands on Luke's bottom and push him up. Sometimes one-handed! It was so sweet to see Wilson taking care of Luke. They probably climbed up together 5 times or so. It was cute.
Friday night I left with my small group for a 1 night retreat. It was hard to leave, Wilson was screaming, but easier since I had been home all day. The retreat was wonderful. We sang praise songs, had quiet time, roasted marshmallows in the fireplace, talked, and played games. It was great! A much needed re-centering. Then I was home Saturday by mid afternoon to hang with the fam.
About to start another week, hopefully a 5-day week. It will be easy for me, it is my student teacher's solo week. I will be stationed in the hallway, writing my next National Board entry. I have a little revising on the 2nd one to finish up as well. I want to have the 3rd one written, revised, and packed for shipping by the end of next weekend. Then I'll only have one more entry. I have 37 days until it must be postmarked...PRAY!

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