February 3, 2008

I'm a dork!

Okay, so I'm at the public library, with Luke. He's playing Thomas the train on the train table. Cause you know it's not like we have one of those at home or anything! He's happy though! Wilson is with my mom and Terry at the park. Luke was napping when they came to get Will so he's with me!
Anyway, I woke up Saturday morning to no Internet. I hate that! Usually it's an easy fix like restarting the computer or unplugging and replugging something. But not this time. Andy had to call Windstream and they have to come to our house and fix it. Of course they tried to come Sunday morning while we were at church. So I had to call them back again for the to reschedule a visit. I was going crazy without the internet so that is why I decided to bring Luke to the library today!
Last night was b-day dinner at PF Chang's. It was so much fun and the food was fabulous. I'm mad at PF Chang's though. They have a menu change. They took the Lucky 8 off the menu. I was really looking forward to getting that for dessert since we were with a big group. I only got to have it one time. And now it is off the menu. The big wigs at PF Chang's are crazy. They obviously didn't consult me. So instead our group of 9 got one slice of chocolate cake which was HUGE. We all had plenty of cake. That is how big it was.
Andy has been crazy busy this weekend with the Souper bowl lunch and now the youth Super Bowl party. They are having their own Xbox superbowl while they watch the game. So, hopefully my internet problems will be fixed soon!

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