February 1, 2008

Luke's first ear infection with tubes :(

Well, almost 9 months, tubes are expected to come out at the end of February, and Luke's cold turned into an ear infection a couple days ago. Thankfully we were able to locate the special ear drops the ENT gave us 9 months ago and have been treating the ear infection at home as instructed. It's goopy and crusty and gross. It hurts him. But, he likes getting the drops! Which is huge! He laughs and tells daddy it tickles.

My boys have the BEST daddy in the world. He takes such good care of them while I'm at school. He's also enjoy his two days a week where both boys are at parents day out so he can get some quality office time at church! I'm so glad he is getting a break.

Luke's appetite hasn't been good. We made the meal he gobbled up here a couple days ago and he wouldn't touch it!

I'm soo tired! Friday's are always like this for me. The week went fast but I'm worn out!

Tomorrow is Cara's birthday! Happy almost b-day to my wonderful sister. Make sure to follow-up on their adoption here. I'm really looking forward to celebrating tomorrow evening. Me, Andy, Cara, Jason, Mom, Dad, Maw, and Paw (notice no kiddos!) are going to dinner at PF Chang's! To celebrate mine and Cara's b-days. Cara and I are sharing one baby-sitter for the cousins. We'll actually be able to have adult conversations! That doesn't happen much at family get togethers with 4 toddlers running around! Soon to be 5 when our sweet little Silas (linked are pics from his orphangae he's the one in a blue walker with an orange shirt) comes home to be with his family! Hugs and kisses, Silas! Your family is so ready for you to be home. I can't wait to see you and hold you. I hope you let me!

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