January 22, 2008

The best show EVER!

OK, if you know me well, you know how much I love the show Friends. As they started coming out with each season on DVD well, I had to buy all of them. A lot of them were gifts for several birthdays and Christmas's in a row. As I got each new DVD I watched every episode, preview, and bonus material on there. Usually with Andy in tow! He's a fan too, but not quite to the degree I am. Although he does like to quote it a lot! Then a couple years ago (not sure when) I watch all of the DVD's Seasons 1-10. It took a while. I had always wanted to see the entire 10 years in order to watch it progress and all. Since then I've not touched the DVD's. It fed the Friends Fix for a while! But...I started Season One (1994) this weekend! With the four day weekend I've watched 6 episodes! So one of 4 discs in Season One. I. absolutely. love. the. show. It makes me laugh soo much! It is hilarious! So my new goal for however long it takes is to pick my favorite episode of each season and tell you about it. I'm sure as soon as I start replaying the episode for you on my blog you'll remember it right away. (Won't you?!) IF you are a Friends fan. If you're not, maybe you shouldn't tell me. We might not be able to stay friends. Just kidding! I can always loan you my DVD's if you need to rekindle (or begin) your love of Friends. So 3 more discs to go on Season One before I can report my favorite episode. I know you are dying to find out which one it is so hopefully, I won't keep you waiting too long!

* Andy will be so proud of me. I used to have a really hard time picking favorites in anything. So hard to pick just one. But I'm getting better at it!

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