January 21, 2008

My Motivation!

We went to get the boys haircut on Saturday morning. On our way we drove past a newish set of store fronts and inside the window of one section was signs for ...The Melting Pot! It is a restaurant I've always wanted to try! Everything served is about fondue. It sounds different and fun! The signs says it's supposed to open in Spring 2008. So, I told Andy that is where we can go when National Board is done- the portfolio and the testing exercises. Looking forward to it!

I went to a back doctor today for an evaluation. They came to our school last week and did scans on our backs along with a free chair massage. Out of the 12 areas checked, I had 1 ok (green area). The rest were purple and red. So I had many areas that were almost spasm areas because they were red. Green is good, then yellow, then purple and finally red. So needless to say I'm stressed and tense! At the evaluation today I had to fill out lots of paperwork and they checked along my spine for tender areas. Then lots of x-rays. Apparently my back is full of knots. (I guess that is why I'm always asking for back massages, Andy!). The doctor said I needed some relief TODAY so they did this electric stimulus thing by attaching two patch things on my upper back. Then they turned it on and it felt tingly. After a few minutes some of my muscle felt like they were rolling the knots out. I don't know if that is a spasm or what. They also had a moist heat pack on my upper back/shoulder area. It did give me some relief but it is back to hurting. I'll return this week to hear their recommendation for me and see the results of the x-rays. It would be great if my neck and shoulders didn't hurt and always feel so tense!

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