January 28, 2008

My Little Chef

Wilson LOVES to help cook. He helps me make dinner almost every night. Tonight, we were making Maw and Paw's famous Chicken Veggie Pasta. One of my longtime favorites! Wilson peeled all of the carrots for me! He did a really great job too! He is all the time saying I can do such and such now that I am 4. He has even tried chewing gum, and didn't swallow it! After peeling the carrots he proceeded to eat many pieces of raw carrot and broccoli. He is such a good eater!
Poor Luke, he still doesn't feel good. He's had a rough day with not feeling well. He is pitiful. Still the awful cough and now a runny nose to go with it. Hang in there Lukie! This week is a 5 day week at school. Not so sure I'm going to make it!

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Alyssa said...

Notice the carrot peel on Will's shoulder! I forgot to mention that!