January 6, 2008

Birthday Boys!

Tomorrow is Wilson's 4th birthday! Hard to believe! He and I are making cupcakes today. He wanted white cupcakes with white icing so he can do the sprinkles! They're in Sponge Bob cupcake liners. He's been into Sponge Bob lately even though he's never see the show! Right now he is throwing a birthday party for Charlie, his favorite stuffed animal, in the living room. He has school tomorrow so he'll take cupcakes to school. Andy is going to make him and Luke pancakes for breakfast. Then when I get home after my meeting (hate that I have a late meeting on his b-day- feeling the guilt) we'll make pizza. My mom and dad are coming over to celebrate and we'll have pizza, salad, and cupcakes. He gets to open his present from Mimi and Poppy in the morning- he picked it out on ebay. It is a vintage metal Tonka firetruck. Pretty cool! The ladder rotates and lifts up. When I get home he'll open his present from us and Luke. We got him new crocs and Luke got him sponge bob's that fit into the holes of his crocs. He has so many toys Andy and I couldn't bring ourselves to get him any more. He'll open a present from my parents when they're hear for dinner as well. So a pretty festive day all in all.

Luke will be getting crocs too with Dora things from Wilson to fit in his crocs. We're having a joint party on Saturday for family at my sister's house. Wilson's b-day is the 7th, Caroline's is the 10th, and Luke's is the 13th. It's too hard to have 3 separate parties in 1 week's time! So this is our first year to combine them. We'll have 3 cakes! Wilson now wants a fire truck party. I think I'll do Thomas the Train for Luke. Mimi and Poppy ordered him more Thomas the Train lego sets. My mom and dad have some type of fire truck for Wilson and rain boots for both of them for playing outside! That way we don't have to worry about their shoes staying clean. Clean shoes and boys? Not so much.

Andy and I keep telling ourselves the next baby WILL NOT be born in January. Period.! So this Spring we might just avoid each other!! When we got pregnant with Wilson we had been trying for 4 months. Luke was a TOTAL surprise!! So baby #3 will. not. be. born. in. January.


Stephanie said...

famous last words on baby #3! ha ha....

Patti Money said...

I found your blog via Stephanie's blog. Anyway, I've now made a similar vow to yours. I really don't want to have another August/September baby because we have too many birthdays during those months! It's also hot as blazes. Good luck! :)

Boo said...

Good luck with that!!!