January 20, 2008

Doctor Check-Ups

Thursday afternoon Wilson and Luke had their 4 and 2 year old check-ups. Overall, things went well! When we went to our room the nurse talked to us and Wilson for a minute. Then, she asked Wilson to go with her to play some games (vision and hearing screenings). He willingly walked out with her by himself for the games. He did well on them because they had to vision/hearing concerns. Next we had to weigh them.

Wilson's stats:
Height: 41 1/4 inches (69 percentile)
Weight: 41 pounds (88 percentile)

Luke's stats:
Height: 35 inches (65 percentile)
Weight: 29 pounds (66 percentile)
Luke had a pretty good growth spurt over the past 6 months. His height and weight percentiles increased quite a bit! His head circumfrence is in the 99 percentile!

After talking to the nurse and doctor we had the dreaded shots. Luke had to get 1 shot which was pretty painless compared to Wilson's 4 shots. They were both pitiful- but more so Wilson since his kept coming. He was screaming and crying and kicking - it took Daddy and 2 nurses to hold him down. He kept yelling "stop, that hurts". He was brave though! They both got a sucker at the doctor and then we took them to Panera for a treat. Luke picked out a pumpkin muffie and Wilson picked a cinnamon roll.

What was really pitiful was how sore Wilson's legs have been. We gave them both motrin that afternoon. Wilson woke up in the night with his legs hurting so we gave him more motrin. Then he limped a little the next two days saying his legs hurt because the nurse bruised him with the shots. They must have hurt because he generally doesn't complain about pain once the initial shock is over. So he had a few more doses of motrin which helped some.

Today we're home from church due to bad coughs and congestion. Wilson and Luke both have a terrible sounding cough, but at this point it is just a cold. Wilson slept horribly, waking up at least 3-4 times in the night. He was having trouble breathing. Hopefully these will just stay colds and not turn into anything else.

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